Taking and Use of Photographic and Recorded Images of Young People

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Photographic images and video images include the use of cameras, digital cameras, video recorders, mobile phones and personal digital assistant devices (PDA).


England Netball is committed to providing a safe environment for young people. Essential to this commitment is to ensure that all necessary steps are taken to protect young people from the inappropriate use of their images in resource and media publications, on the Internet, and elsewhere.

Photographs can be used as a means of identifying young people when they are accompanied with personal information, for example – this is X who is a member of Hometown Netball Club who likes West Life and supports Manchester Thunder. This information can make a young person vulnerable to an individual who may wish to start to ‘groom’ that child for abuse.

Secondly, the content of the photo can be used or adapted for inappropriate use. While this is rare in netball, there is evidence of adapted material from legitimate sources finding its way onto child pornography sites. Netball clubs therefore need to develop a policy in relation to the use of images of young people on their websites and in other publications.

When assessing the potential risks in the use of images of young people, the most important factor is the potential of inappropriate use of images of. If your club/county/region are aware of the potential risks, and take appropriate steps, the risk can be reduced.

These guidelines focus on the following key areas:

  • the publishing of photographic and/or recorded images of /young people
  • the use of photographic filming equipment at netball events
  • the use of video equipment as a coaching aid.

How England Netball Can Help

England Netball is committed to ensuring that concerns relating to the misuse of photographic or recorded images of young people in netball are taken seriously and acted upon swiftly and appropriately. To achieve this, England Netball has developed procedures for Reporting Concerns. England Netball will take the appropriate action in accordance with its practices and procedures.

Key Principles

England Netball adopts the following key principles:

  • The interests and welfare of young people taking part in netball are paramount.
  • Parents/carers and young people have a right to decide whether images are to be taken, and how those images may be used.
  • Parents/carers and must provide written consent for images to be taken and used.
  • Images should convey the best principles and aspects of netball, such as fairness and fun.
  • Care should be taken to ensure that images are not sexual or exploitative in nature, nor open to obvious misinterpretation and misuse.
  • Images should only be taken by authorised persons, as agreed in the protocol for a particular event.
  • All images should be securely stored.
  • In the case of images used on websites, particular care must be taken to ensure that no identifying details facilitate contact with a young person by a potential abuser.

Publishing Images – Easy Rules to Remember

  • Ask for written permission from the player and parent/carer/s to take and use their image. This ensures that they are aware of the way the image is intended to be used to represent the sport. The Consent Form is one way of achieving this.
  • If the player is named, avoid using their photograph.
  • If a photograph is used, avoid naming the player. NEVER publish personal details (e.g. email addresses, telephone numbers, addresses etc) of a young person.
  • Only use images of players in suitable dress (tracksuit, on-court clothing i.e. t-shirt/shorts/skirt or off-court clothing) to reduce the risk of inappropriate use. Try to focus on the activity rather than a particular young person.
  • Where possible use photographs that represent the broad range of /young people taking part in netball. This might include:
    • ethnic minority communities
    • disabled young people or
    • girls with hair covered e.g. baseball cap or a scarf.
    • Ensure that images reflect positive aspects of young people’s involvement in netball (enjoyment/ competition etc).

Use of Photographic Filming Equipment at Netball Events

England Netball does not wish to prevent parents, carers or other spectators being able to take legitimate photographs or video footage of competitors. There is no legal power to prevent photography or filming in a public place, however, there is evidence that certain individuals will visit sporting events to take inappropriate photographs or video footage of young people. All clubs should be vigilant about this possibility and refer to this Guidance as best practice in trying to ensure the safety of young people in netball.

Any concerns during an event should be reported to the Safeguarding Officer or the Event Organiser, and the Reporting a Concern process

Photographic or Recorded Images

This includes images or recorded images using a camera, digital camera, video recorder, mobile phone or personal digital devices (PDA).

Action and Implementation

When planning an event an accreditation procedure should be developed.

  • Develop a system to record individuals’ name and address and club.
  • Professionals are required to register prior to the event and their identification details also recorded.
  • Ideally identification details should be checked with the issuing authority prior to the event.
  • On registering, organisers of events should issue an identification label on the day, which can serve to highlight those who have accreditation.
  • Where regular events occur, the identifying label should be changed to prevent unofficial replication.
  • Professional photographers/filming/video operators wishing to record the event should seek accreditation with the event organiser by producing their professional identification for the details to be recorded.
  • Ideally they should request this at least 5 working days before the event.
  • Students or amateur photographers/film/video operators wishing to record the event should seek accreditation with the event organiser by producing their student or club registration card and a letter from their club/educational establishment outlining their reason for attending the event.
  • All other spectators wishing to use photographic/film/video equipment with a telescopic or zoom lens should register their intent with the organiser of the event.

Use of Video as a Coaching Aid

The use of video equipment can be a valuable coaching aid provided the following is considered:

  • Young people and their parents should be aware that this is part of the coaching programme and clear of the purpose of filming as a coaching aide where the material will be used.
  • Care should be taken in the storing of coaching films to avoid inappropriate use and secure destruction should be arranged.
  • Seek written permission from the young person and parent for the use of photography and video analysis.
  • When filming, ensure that there is an appropriate approved adult from the club present.

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